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Your Questions About Tumblr Counter Code

Posted on May 02, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Ruth asks…

HTML code for a simple text hit counter for my tumblr blog?

I used to have a wordpress, and I recently switched to tumblr. WordPress had a nice little hit counter shown in the sidebar, and I would like to add something like that to the sidebar of my tumblr. It wasn’t an image, it was just text. Does anyone know an HTML code for this?

Blog Design Journal answers:

This is not something you can do in HTML alone since the count has to be stored somewhere. Typically it will look something like this:

The image tag does two things:
1. It displays the graphical hit counter;
2. It submits a request to the URL specified in the src attribute, where a server is counting the number of times that URL is requested. The assumption is that the number of times the image tag is requested is the same as the number of times your page was requested.

Try a web search for hit counter servers. Here are a couple that claim to be free:



You will register with them and they will give you the image tag to apply to your page.

Robert asks…

Tumblr code question…?

What’s the code to make the counter show up on your tumblr page that shows how many people are viewing your page right now? Not a counter that shows how many people have ever looked at it, just people who are at that moment. And where would it go in the huge html code block?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Here: http://www.usuarios-online.com/en/

Just put the code in your description box.

Helen asks…

CSS code for Tumblr Blog?

So, I’m editing my theme on my blog and I wanted to know if anyone has a code like this:


Her layout has the description, counter, and ask box in place, so it doesn’t move when you scroll the page. Her posts scroll. I need a code that will keep my description & etc., in place.
Mine is like this:


Thanks for the help!

Blog Design Journal answers:

I’m not sure about exact code but you can find good CSS/CSS3 tutorials on http://gazpo.com/

William asks…

how can i add a hit counter on tumblr?

i saw all the other answers and it says go into theme but when i go into theme, themes literally come up there is no codes please help

Blog Design Journal answers:

You go to customize > theme > click “use custom theme” and paste the hit counter on the bottom of the page right before and then click save


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