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Your Questions About Tumblr Counter Code

Posted on May 03, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Laura asks…


i have a tumblr, just the default theme…………… and i wana put a stat counter on it.. i got the code for the stat counter.. But WHERE THE HELL DO I PASTE THE CODE!?? i did it at the very start and it made my theme all to the left, not centered… and i paste it at thebottom andi cant see it.. heeelppp

Blog Design Journal answers:

Tumblr Questions:

Better if you asked your Tumblr question here:


She is VERY good at answering Tumblr questions and is usually right.


Betty asks…

how do you know how many people look at your page on tumblr?

how do you know how mant people have seen or looked at your blog on tumblr?
i dont wanna join to a website of some sort is there a code to put on your page
like a little counter thing or something !!! thanks!!!!!

Blog Design Journal answers:

If you want to know how many people have looked at your tumblr you have to find a website that will give you a code to the counter. Most of the time you have to sign up, but it’s free!
I don’t remember the exact url to that, but here is a website where you can track how many users are online in that moment: http://www.usuarios-online.com/en/ Put in your tumblr url.

David asks…

question about my TUMBLR blog?

i want to add a website hit counter to my blog, so i have to enter the html code given by the site that provides the hit counter. but i can’t find anywhere to enter that code. does this only work on certain tumblr themes? my theme is “Fluid” http://fluidtheme.tumblr.com/

Blog Design Journal answers:

Just put the code in your description box.

Paul asks…

Tumblr. Can I put a background image on a sidebar?

I’ve put the image in the description part – but theres a gap at the top where the title would be and it also gets rid of the back and next button (<>) – is there any way i can put the image as a back ground and then have writing and links etc on top of it?

If you dont know what i mean the site in question is http://heelsandwot.tumblr.com/
the side bar im talking about is pale blue and currently has a hit counter and the next and back buttons.

If you happen to know the code that would work please let me know :)

Blog Design Journal answers:

Place Image Links on Tumblr Sidebar: http://tumblring.net/tumblr-image-links/
Adding a Tag List to your Tumblr Sidebar: http://tumblring.net/adding-a-tag-list-to-your-tumblr-sidebar/


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