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Posted on March 15, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

Laura asks…

Are you tired of accusations of gymnasts being underage?


The Olympics have been amazing to watch so far, whether it’s Michael Phelps swimming towards his goal of eight gold medals or stunning gymnastic performances by the Americans and the Chinese. However, I am sick of the Karolyis’ substance-lacking attacks and general disrespect.

Undoubtedly, everyone has already heard the Karolyis’ claims of the Chinese gymnasts being underage. Marta Karolyi claims that one of the “half people” has a “missing tooth.” First of all, one has to ask why she was obsessing over teeth in the first place. Secondly, was she really close enough or in any position to see a tiny little gap? Of course, the gap would have to be minuscule considering how these were “little bitty baby teeth.” Quote courtesy of her husband Bela Karolyi, fellow teeth examiner. He also mockingly suggests that the Chinese competitors look like they might still be “in diapers.” A very mature comment.

Third of all, it’s completely possible that if a tooth really was missing, it was knocked out during a practice session. And fourth, I myself am sixteen in American years (in China I would be seventeen since traditionally, a year is added because of the gestation time in the womb) and still have baby teeth. Fifthly, the Chinese government has provided passports to the International Olympic Committee, confirming the age of the gymnasts.

Throughout the history of the Olympics, if any whiners would care to look, the Chinese gymnasts have always been of small stature. Perhaps, their bodies simply develop differently from those in the Western world. How many times have you heard jokes about Asians being short? The average height of the Chinese girls team is 144.33 cm, average weight 35.00 kg. Let’s look at the Japanese team. An average height of 146.67 cm, average weight 37.33 kg. Hardly any difference, and yet the Japanese aren’t being targeted. Of course, they’re also not in standing to win Olympic gold.

Coach Lu makes a fair point. “It’s unfair that people keep saying the Chinese are too young to compete. If they think they can tell someone’s age just by looking at them, well, if you look at the foreign athletes, they have so much more muscles than the Chinese. They are so strong. Do you then say that they are doping?”

Now let’s look at the history of Bela Karolyi, who has repeatedly come under controversy in his career as a coach in Romania for his score protests and conduct at Olympic games. In America, Kristie Phillips and Erica Stokes (Karolyi’s former athletes) have publicly stated that Karolyi was verbally and psychologically abusive. There were his constant critical remarks about weight that resulted in gymnasts developing eating disorders and low self-esteem.

In one interview, Dominique Moceanu noted: “If you were injured, Bela didn’t want to see it.” His gymnasts were compelled to continue training and competing even when dealing with serious injuries. Moceanu also stated that gymnasts under Karolyi were limited to consuming as little as nine hundred calories a day during competitions. Karolyi supporters have grudgingly admitted that at times, his gymnasts ate so sparingly that members of the men’s gymnastics team smuggled food to them in their hotel rooms.

Bela Karolyi has also been harshly criticized for working “babies” to the point of exhaustion, becoming famous by coaching fourteen-year-old Nadia Comaneci in 1976. Back then he argued abolishing the age limit with “Where would this sport be without Nadia?” In his own situation, the medals at the end justified the means. New tactic now. Accuse the Chinese and say that the only way to get rid of “cheating” would be to abolish said age limit. And this is the sort of person we are quoting and rallying behind?

The American gymnasts here are not at all sore losers. They simply had a bad day and I completely sympathize with Alicia Sacramone, who had an unsuccessful jump onto the balance beam and fell down in the floor routine. Other than that, they were amazing. Sacramone took responsibility and her fellow team members congratulated competitors and now prepare for the individual events. The same cannot be said for the Karolyis or the newscasters.

Marta Karolyi immediately changed gears after the falls: suddenly Sacramone had waited too long (two minutes) before starting her balance beam routine, contributing to a “psychological war.” Of course, she barks that the “little babies” didn’t feel the pressure of the moment. As if anyone wouldn’t feel the pressure of completing in front of billions. Once again, another pitiful excuse.

It’s understandable that a country will favor their own athletes. However, it’s pathetic when NBC newscasters begin bitterly claiming that the Chinese gymnasts’ scores were way too high and that the judges were too harsh on the Americans. Then snidely suggesting that the Chinese government scouts out little girls at the age of three and throws them into gymnastic concentration camps. And as if that weren’t enough, inviting Bela Karolyi (banned at the 2008 Olympic games) to speak about his theories once more. Absolutely infuriating.

It’s true that everyone should follow the rules, and it’s also true that there must be evidence to support a claim. Some have simply jumped on the bandwagon and started parroting all unwarranted comments mentioned above (as if they were fact) in chatrooms and on blogs. I can say that I have not. Hopefully, the majority can view this situation with a clear mind.

Blog Design Journal answers:

I ask a similar question
and yes i am tired of their lame accusations.


to be honest, no one really care about this any more except those two coaches. The judges at the Olympics mark these girls on how well they preformed determining how good they actually are. The Chinese girls preformed better (it’s not like they cheated by taking drugs or bribery-it’s just unfortunate if they really are too young because they can’t control how old they are!). End of story.

OH and btw, loved your response ;) Great analysis of the whole situation -it was a great read :)

Mandy asks…

Who is to blame for the Israeli/Palestinian dark opera?

a) Israel’s military, obviously

b) Israel’s military and people

c) Two separate books with (almost) identical endings

d) The UN

e) France

f) A lack of education

The best of the best could only conclude that training issues (1915) have been identified and the medium to long term future is in the remedial education of the Israeli people, moderation of its political parties (of course nationalism is popular, how do you think Hitler rose to power?) and security, trade and justice for the most deprived people (Israel helped it’s argument by several magnitudes by taking delight in harming the basic utilities of the people of Palestine, refusing to allow the rubble (Palestinian lives/livelihoods/homes/schools/hope) of their (Israeli) general elections to be put on the international stage of court and using white phosphorus against the civilian population of ‘Palestine’? The only answer to such aggression by Israel is the wholesale withdrawal of the Jewish people from that land as the privileged opportunity they were granted has been utterly squandered by their own immaturity. The world notes that not even Hitler used such barbarous methods against the Jews during WW2) It is the lot of the Israeli people to learn that God’s religion is HUMANITY and they are to adopt this religion as their own, the second they start thinking of Jewishness as humanity and disregarding the truth of my words is the second they lose sight of their own development and leave themselves open to be abandoned by the civilised world that, in the main, fought to get rid of the prevalent attitude that has sustained the ‘Israeli’ people for generations. The responsibility of empowering those who are not Jewish is the purpose of responsible government and how those who govern and best reflect this ‘civilisation’ is how they internationally, Israeli politicians and its electorate are judged. Israeli’s, abandon my words and abandon the security of your own contemptuous lives.

How do you think the UK would have been judged if, during the darkest times of the ‘troubles’ the UK people were subjected to the same media barrage of nationalism that the Israeli’s received during the 2009 election? The international communities would be not only shocked and outraged but demanding heads on plates, literally. Perhaps the next time Israel goes to the polls hellfire missiles with white phosphorus warheads should be fired on the Israeli civilians who are driving to or from work until 13 of your own number are dead by your own militaries hand and then sending up a Cessna with a banner saying ‘Don’t forget to vote!’ You are an indecent and atrocious people. Change your ways for the sake of, at the very least, the honor of the lives of the Allies who fought so hard for you to act like this?


(Picture captures medics and civilians fleeing the Israeli military who are using white phosphorous on a UN school, no words from Israel can detract from the reality that such an act has no reasonable excuse and was, very simply, a ‘war’ (election) crime)

Okay, are Israeli’s scum?

Blog Design Journal answers:

Israeli psyche, values, believes and point blank refusal to learn from history.

Michael asks…

Bridleless riding tips/pointers, anyone?

I want to teach my horse to ride bridleless… tips, anyone? He’s got a dead broke western neck rein and is basically a totally broke horse. He’s a little rusty on the leg cues right at the moment, but we’re working on it. (I ride English).

Ultimately my goal is to jump him bridless around a full course complete with lead changes. Yea, that’ll take YEARS…. lol. For now, I’m just starting to think about starting this type of training in the winter. I’ll have a lot of down time in the winter and figure starting this in the roundpen at the walk would be a good place to start.

I already drop the reins when I’m done working after a ride, and can get him to generally stay in the vicinity I want him to be, and change directions and whoa with leg /seat position only. It’s not a real refined (or very straight) thing yet, but I’ve only owned this horse 4 weeks. I figure the whole riding bridleless thing will take 1-2 years to perfect, and jumping has got to be on the 3-5 year plan.

So, what’s the place to start with things like this?


Blog Design Journal answers:

I do this with my horse every-time I get him out of field.


Think left
Move left
Be left
Go left

Get you heart and mind into it and he should follow your commands, If this does not work, Try teaching him leg cues or pressure on the neck

Sandra asks…

Doesn’t this prove that Republicans are anti American – Especially when it comes to the American people?

Republicans block bill to prevent jobs from moving overseas …
Of course Republicans have said Democrats brought up this bill as an election-year ploy and that it actually … bill gates doesnt like it. im with him.
www.examiner.com/democrat-in-los-angeles/republicans… – Cached
Harry Reid &Senate Democrats -Republicans kill Jobs&block …
… Senate Democrats -Republicans kill Jobs&block Small Business Bill … at least 250,000 jobs created over the next ten years). Now, Republicans are … Senate Democrats to prevent …
ynative77.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/harry-reid-senate… – Cached
Here is another issue >
Republican Senators Block Important Bill on Homeless Veterans …
Republican Senators Block Important Bill on Homeless Veterans … she’s been through some tough times over … to provide: workforce training, job …
azdemvet.com/2010/07/03/republican-senators-block… – Cached
Republicans DO NOT have the best intentions for our people and this country
Bla Bla – You cons can’t answer this question can you. And BTW how much time do you Cons waste here on Y/a I see the same Cons here 24/7

Blog Design Journal answers:

All Republicans do is cut off their nose to spite their face. Anything, to get back at Obama and the Democrats, even if it means screwing Americans, which is all they’ve done for 2 years, since Obama became President.

They prove over and over again, they could care less about middle America and their only interests are what will benefit the upper 1% and the wealthy.

This also proves the ignorance of middle class Republicans. If something comes from Republicans, then it must be right even if it means, they get screwed as well.

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