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Slow PC Making Blog Design a Pain? Fix it!

Posted on January 19, 2008 by Kathleen

If you do a lot of blog design (or web design), you know what a pain it is when your PC seems to get slower and slower. That is not your imagination—or too much caffeine.

PCs really do get slower and slower after you have used them for awhile. The more you use them, the sooner that happens.

While there are software programs that claim to clean up (and speed up) your PC for you, they only do a partial job. But a young guy named Kris Maineri has a better way. For $10 he’ll sell you an ebook with videos to walk you step-by-step through cleaning up your PC to make it faster.

It’s called PC Secret Formula. It really is only ten bucks, including the videos. It’s easy and effective, and it works.

Even better, he will show you how to keep your PC from slowing to a crawl again. It takes just a little more time than installing and running one of those pricey programs, and it does a lot more good.

Your PC will run faster than it has in a long time. And at $10, it’s way cheaper than buying a new one.

How does this relate to blog design? When you are sick and tired of working on your blog design because you are tired of fighting a slow PC, you tend to skip things, cut corners, and sacrifice quality. (Ask me how I know?)

We never have as much time to spend on design as we would like anyway. That is, there is never time to really perfect the design as much as you could. Why waste time needlessly waiting on a slow PC?

Instead, try the PC Secret Formula. Speeding up your PC will leave you more time for designing blogs.

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