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Editing RSS Feeds to Your Blog

Posted on September 07, 2007 by Blog Design Journal

The story at the top of this page is displayed via RSS feed from another site. So far, so good.

However, before setting up the feed, I had published a story at that site on hurricane supplies, not realizing that it would show up on the feed to this blog, where it is clearly off topic.

But I had also published the two blog-related stories that I wanted to use here, and I didn’t want to duplicate that content. What to do?

As an experiment, I tried editing the blog story (the other one is still being processed) after the feed was displayed here, and I deleted the off-topic story. I also added keywords in WordPress, since they don’t come across in the feed—and it worked!

I suspect that the hurricane story will show up again when the next cron job refreshes the feed, but at least I can correct the problem. I could even set the cron jobs very far apart…or maybe turn them off, and keep things as they are till the next time i place a story.

Hmmmm. Time for another experiment?

As you can see, my RSS experiment worked. I was able to edit the stories after the feed displayed them on this site. That meant I could delete the hurricane story without disrupting the feed. So all is well.

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