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Blog Rank Myths Exposed? You Decide.

Posted on December 19, 2007 by Kathleen

When you start a blog, you always hope that people will read it. But how will they know it’s there? How will they find your ultra-cool, well-designed blog?

If you are lucky or have done everything right, they will find your blog near the top of search engine results for your topic.

How do you get that to happen? How do you get your blog to rank well in search engine results?

Jon Leger has made quite a name for himself as an expert on raising the search engine ranking (in the search results) of blogs and other sites by various clever means. Now he’s about to release a report that he says debunks many popular myths about what makes your blog or website rank well in Google searches.

He is offering one chapter of the report for free. I suggest that you download a copy and read it. It’s only a few pages. If you do, please let me know what you think.

Personally I don’t think what he says accounts for my Art Fun Cheap blog achieving a PageRank 4 only 7 weeks after I started it. I didn’t advertise it. I did not buy or trade links. I did not put articles linking back to it in article directories. I didn’t do much of anything to promote it except register it with BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, and Technorati.

Almost all my traffic comes from Google searches. Lately I’m getting some from Yahoo, too. That tells me I found a topic people are interested in, that has little competition, and got the keywords right. Because there are still not very many links to the site. Yet people from all over the world have found it through search engines.

So as much as I respect Jon (a lot!), I can’t totally buy into his explanation for why sometimes lower PageRank sites outrank higher-PageRanked sites in search results. He says PageRank comes strictly from links. I say that may be mostly true, but my example shows that it can’t be the whole story.

It appears to me that if you build a site on a topic that people are actually searching for in search engines, and there is very little competition (sites with quality information), Google will consider your site an authority site by default—and give it PageRank.

For the same reason, therefore, Google will also rank it highly in search results. So, if your site had a low PageRank but great information that matched the search string, wouldn’t you rank highly in the search results? That seems to be my experience. My site was being found in Google searches from the start—when it had a PageRank of 0.

Think about it. Imagine, for example, that suddenly the world gets interested in a remote tropical island called Isla Coqui (maybe Johnny Depp buys it and the Dalai Lama goes to visit?).

If you had a 12-page, original-content site called IslaCoqui.com (and hardly any other site even mentioned Isla Coqui), don’t you think that Google would consider IslaCoqui.com an authority site? Apparently Google would.

Even if the number of visitors interested in that topic was small, your site would be an authority and could acquire PageRank and also rank well in Google searches.

Anyway, that’s the way it looks to me. What do you think? Read the free report pages and post a comment here, OK?

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