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How to Make Sure the Search Engines Love Your Blog

Posted on August 22, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Using WordPress to build your blog is great for search engine optimization (SEO). Google loves blogs. But that is no longer enough.

There are so many blogs now, the competition is fierce. How do you make your blog stand out from the crowd by making sure people find it? Professional SEO.

Yes, you can build the blog yourself, choose a good-looking free theme, and be well on your way. But you still need it optimized for search engines if you want to make a splash in the blog world—or you want your client’s blog to have early and lasting success.

These days, with Google changing algorithms constantly—and often reversing course on important SEO issues–you need the help of a pro. What worked last year may get your site delisted this year. It takes a dedicated professional to keep up with what still works, what’s new, and what once worked that is now dangerous to do.

Of course, you have to be very careful when selecting an SEO consultant. There are plenty of wannabes out there, and there are others who had some success a few years ago and then rested on their laurels and concentrated on marketing themselves.

Some of those self-appointed or former experts can get your site in a lot of trouble doing things that used to work. They can even get a site banned by Google for what used to be quite legitimate SEO practices.

Just as a CPA has to take courses at the start of each year to keep up to date with tax laws, an SEO consultant has to study constantly. Google, in fact, is much more changeable than the IRS. They change the rules continually, often several times a year.

New SEO methods come into fashion constantly. Some are just that, fashions or fads based on supposition or rumor, not on substance. Others are valid new approaches. How do you know which is which? Probably you don’t, but the real SEO experts do, because they constantly test and experiment to find out what is working now.

The real SEO experts operate on facts, not theory. Experts likeĀ SEO Toronto, for example, have spent years doing SEO on high-volume, highly successful commercial sites, learning and testing until they have all the facts, tools, and software to do SEO well. They also have an intuitive edge accumulated by high-quality, high-volume experience.

They know what works. They don’t just guess what may work. That is exactly the kind of expertise needed to make business blogs successful and to make any blog profitable. If you want a large readership, you need great SEO.

Once people find your blog, of course, you had better also have good design, good writing, great content, and a blog that is easy to read and navigate. Great SEO just makes sure people can and do find it.

You have to make sure the readers want to come back for more, but SEO Toronto gives you the chance to do that.

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