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Every Blogger is a Failure 0

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Thanks to the crummy economy, there has been a bit of a gold rush online lately.  Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen.  Generally, it is not a good thing because a lot of people who have no business in the business of Internet publishing are making a run at it.  To to tell you the absolute truth, unless you are a celebrity or a fabulous writer, nobody cares about your little blog, and they never will.  It’s a cruel world because celebrities don’t need the money, and fabulous writers often waste their talent with blogs.

If you think of yourself as a blogger, you are dead in the water.  Frankly, to be called a “blogger” is a bit of an insult, and if you call yourself that, it is even worse.  If you want to succeed at this, you must take the attitude that you are no mere blogger.  You are, in fact, a publisher who happens to publish on the Internet.  You are a writer who writes for themselves and their audience instead of for some bossy editor. 

You are either a writer or a savvy business person who can hire other people to write for you, using the Internet to wangle some dollars out of their talent. 

Those are your choices: Wrtier or business person.  Bloggers are people who keep diaries online.  Nothing wrong with it, but it is not a business.  Beyond your friends and family, chances are slim that anyone will read your blog.  Sorry to break it to you, but that’s the way it is.

Step one in making money on the Internet: Stop thinking of yourself as a blogger or “Internet marketer.” You are an online publisher (or broadcaster if you prefer).  You are a writer (or maker of videos and audio files). If you take that attitude, you will succeed.  You may fail many times before you find what works, but you will succeed eventually.

Just remember that you will fail.  Every blogger fails.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  Thomas Edison literally failed 10,000 times before he succeeded, and thank goodness he did!

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Are you ready to stop being a blogging loser and start being an Internet publisher?

What makes bloggers tick? 0

Posted on March 05, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Why blog? Why do bloggers take the trouble? It would be interesting to find out the factors that lead them to gleefully expend considerable investments of time, energy, effort and money on their blogging activities.

The chance to make some moolah? Oh certainly, the money element is a big inducement for many bloggers, but is it the right response to the question: What makes people blog?

I am not convinced about this. The money is most agreeable, of course, and is a crucial concern for the rapidly growing number of people who are going in for the autonomy of online income over the anguishs of “orthodox” jobs.

When we talk about regular jobs, we are alluding to the kind of jobs that compel you to:
– labor for 12 hours daily between 9 am and 5 pm;
– work yourself to the bone for eight days a week between Sunday to Saturday;
– get cracked lips smacking your supervisors’ south ends regularly;
– get wrenched wrists backstabbing your rivals every now and then;
– get blistered feet stomping on your flunkies regularly;
– get maltreated by economic slumps: lose your homes, your kids’ college education nest-egg and your dignity.

By independence of online income you may infer the type of financial situation that is unconstrained by individual and corporate whimsies and vagaries and is relatively safe from economic tides.

There, I have just brought up the one key factor that eggs on all the people wafting away from job earnings to online income. Just to explain the connection: successful, blogging can be a major online wellspring of income. There are bloggers who make hundreds of dollars every month, bloggers who make thousands of dollars every month and bloggers who make tens of thousands of dollars every month.

So there: the money is important, and from this outlook, the question is not why blog. It is, why not blog?

Equally important, though, is the gratification bloggers get from blogging: the gratification of reaching out to the world with information of quality through an handy dissemination means that is easily created and maintained, is minimally cost-intensive, has massive potential for consumer market penetration and offers opportunities to use all four forms of media: text, audio, video and graphic.

At least, that’s how it has been for me. I am a would-be best selling author and a consummate procrastinator. For many years now, I have been just about to start writing my opus very shortly. Blogging lets me vent. One more answer to the question: why do people blog.

If you dig deeper, you will find that bloggers blog for a variety of reasons. As a rule, all of these reasons can be sorted under either the heading “personal” or the heading “commercial”.

When you click through here, you can see which motivating factors inspire you: http://theblogginguniverse.com/blog/why-do-people-blog/.

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Mobile Bloggers are Everywhere 0

Posted on February 28, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

The fix of blogging is to update and post events in order to keep web surfers up to date on the prevailing function. Mobile blogging, moblogging, moblogger or moblog, call it what you like allows the end user to post to the Internet truly as soon as they happen. The new breeding of mobile devices allows mobloggers to keep the web surfers up to date. Mobile blogging has very low restraints as a result of the data plans available. The urgency to wait until you got to your household computer and update are over. Like it or not, the day of mobile blogging are here to stay. These Moblogging devices are far and wide with no closure in sight, which leaves bloggers wide open to tap away at their heart’s capacity. The scientific know-how is only getting greater with the outbreak of the social media market. Mobile blogging mechanics has been around for a small number years now, but not has developed past expectations because the accessories are so user friendly. You can’t walk in public now a day without seeing someone moblogging. Moblogging might have started as an adolescent generation hype, but has quickly span to the business and professional arena. Only time will tell if mobloggers will become the most prevalent blogging source; however, with the fad trends seem to show that mobloggers are here for the duration. The new generations of mobile devices make it easier than ever to keep up to date for reading blogs with automatic notifications and applications built in. A moblogger armed with a smart phone with camera or video capabilities can give you greater up to date news at a live event than the general media will ever have time for, especially smaller venues. If your left asking yourself if mobloggers are on the cutting edge or just the current hype, let me leave you with this. The greater number of human beings want scandalizer, and breaking uncensored news and dirt. Mobloggers are not only here to stay, but will only continue to grow. If you’re reading this on handheld device, my reason is made even more.

By Jack Max Carr

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Success secrets of a super blogger 0

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Becoming a supper blogger is tough work, you need to understand some of the secrets they use to get where they are. The toughest part about being a blogger is just knowing that you are in control of your own income and without you working day in and day out you won’t bring in much money. If you are ready to become a super blogger then you need to follow these success secrets.

Build backlinks – Like with anything online you need backlinks in order to move up the search engine rankings and without backlinks it will be hard to do that. One of the most common ways for super bloggers to get backlinks are just by writing great content and posting it on their blog. For instance a small 250 word article about something that everyone already knows won’t get many backlinks, but a 1,000 word article about a new technique could wind up getting a blogger hundreds if not thousands of backlinks of time.

Outsourcing – Everyone knows what outsourcing can do for your blog or business and in order to be more efficient bloggers tend to outsource the long and tedious tasks that don’t require much skill such as; forum posting, blog commenting, article submissions, directory submissions, and other basic implementing tasks. Outsourcing is a great way to get more out of your time and this is one of the biggest reasons bloggers are so ahead of everything.

Committed – When you think of people working online you probably think of them spending a lot of time looking around on Ebay, and Amazon and other places just for fun, right? Well these people aren’t the super bloggers because bloggers are very committed to getting their site a lot of recognition and having thousands of visitors there each day. For me bloggers are the most committed people in the world when it comes to working and the reason is because there are so many distractions and things that they could be looking at while online, but they don’t they stay focused and stick to their daily schedule.

Socialize – There are many different ways to interpret this but socializing for a blogger usually means they are chatting with other bloggers or sending emails back and forth. The reason this is so important to do is because once you get in good with many other bloggers they will tend to write stuff about you and your site and if you get one link on a big bloggers site that could bring you thousands of visitors instantly. Super bloggers know where the traffic is and that is why getting to know other super bloggers is the key to getting lots of traffic very quickly.

If you follow these 4 success secrets they you will be on your way to making a lot of money very quickly. If you would like more information about super bloggers and how they make money quickly then click here.

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Adam Snyder is also the creator and designer of many small coffee tables.

What is a Guest Blogger? 0

Posted on February 18, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Whether you own a blog or you just frequent other people’s blogs a lot to find information that you are interested in, then you may have noticed that the author is not always the same person. Sometimes the author of the posts on a blog is not the same person because the blog employs a group of people or a few different owners. Other times however, the blog may make use of guest bloggers in order to help them create content.

So what is a guest blogger?

A guest blogger is simply a person who writes for one or more blogs that do not belong to them. They may write articles that are meaningful to them or they may write articles that suit the needs of the blog owner. When a person does a guest post on another blog, it can be a one time deal or the blog owner may decide to have that person post on a regular basis.

For the blog owner, he or she receives quality content on a regular or sporadic basis from the people that guest blog on their site. This is a benefit because the search engines tend to value quality content. The blog owner can at times also receive web traffic from the guest blogger’s followers, which is another benefit.

The benefit to the guest blogger is that it gets their name exposed on different sites across the Internet. This is important, especially if the guest blogger is not well known in their field of choice yet. Sometimes the blog owner will also let the guest include a link or two back to their own website or products, which is an additional benefit for the guest.

Guest blogging is pretty common these days, especially as blog owners continuously look for fresh ideas for content. Guests usually are not paid for their posts, but if the content is of high quality and the guest becomes a regular poster, then the opportunity may open up for a paid position, but it is not typical.


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I have been working in Internet marketing, search engine optimization and freelance writing for nearly 4 years after leaving a position with a financial institution. I love the freedom it gives me and I get to do something new every day!

The Lazy Blogger 0

Posted on February 08, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

It seems like everyone is out blogging these days, but the most interesting use of blogging, comes from those who’ve decided to use it to attract business. There are many smaller industry blogs and there is some very interesting information that is not readily found elsewhere. Let me explain;

Over the years, I’ve participate in many industries and subscribed at any given time to 50-70 trade journals. These days there are fewer trade journals available, but during the past 2-decades I was able to learn a lot about a good many industries and realize the kinds of great articles and insights that were within.

Now we have blogs and all the industry participants who were not good enough at writing or could not get their articles accepted now have a platform to discuss what they wish to discuss, without sugar coating and in a way that meets their writing choice, not some editor in some far away state.

This is why industry blog social networks are great, as they accumulate all the knowledge across an industry for this purpose, of course, there are many folks that own individual blogs that put themselves out as instant experts but are really not qualified in the field.

In fact, there are some who will gather up content and merely post it on their blogs, sometimes they give credit to the person who wrote it, sometimes they steal that content. Now some of them will email the writer and ask to post it, but most do not. Rather they attach a name or source and figure that is good enough.

In a way they are stealing internet traffic for their blogs and scoring high in the key-words for it. This is what I call the lazy blogger, too lazy to write their own content and too willing to break their ethical standards. There is another form of lazy blogger, this is the one that asks everyone under the sun to write a guest blog for them. Again, this is a good tactic for internet traffic, but such laziness is nothing to aspire too. Think on this.

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Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance; http://www.WorldThinkTank.net/.

The Blogger’s Checklist 0

Posted on February 03, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

If you are a new blogger or even an experienced one, it is important to check in with how your blog is doing and maintain it in a way that successful bloggers do. So what is it successful bloggers do? Here is your blogger checklist, which consists of eight items for you to consider.

1. Proofread Your Work – Misspellings and wrong use of words in a blog entry can turn a reader off in a real hurry. Make sure you type your original blog message in a program that contains spell check and then reread your work for errors. You can then copy and paste your work into your blog.

2. Publish Posts on a Regular Basis – If you want to maintain a following of readers and prove you are serious about your blog you have to keep your content fresh and updated. You may not have time to blog daily so the important thing is to just be consistent. Commit to how often you will make an entry, it may be weekly, biweekly or monthly. When you are consistent, your guests will know when to check back in with you.

3. Backup Your Blog – There is nothing worse than losing all of your work, especially if your blog contains numerous entries. Create an automatic backup system for your blog. Most blogging software companies have a Help file to assist you in understanding how to back your blog up or what processes are needed.

4. Link to Older Posts – If you have been blogging for a while, it is most likely that many of your topics will overlap, so why not provide your reader with reference to some of your older entries. This can be done with a link. When you do this, you are building an effective linking strategy and encouraging readers to stay on your blog longer. As we all know, a quality linking strategy can mean an increase your traffic and search engine rankings.

5. Answer Guests Comments – Take the time to answer anyone who makes a comment on your blog. Doing this will create loyalty among your followers and will help build community. If there comes a day when your blog is extremely popular, it is still important to maintain correspondence with your readers. Also, be kind and considerate when responding to your readers. A topic that may be obvious to you may not be to your reader and there is no need to make somebody feel bad.

6. Approve Comments – If you use comment moderation (and you should unless you get very low volumes of spam) you should approve pending comments on a regular basis. Having meaningful comments on your blog is important, so check pending comments regularly to make sure they are getting posted.

7. Remember Your Audience When Creating Topics – If you have a new blog, one of most overlooked items is being able to accurately define the audience that you will be writing to. As time goes by, you’ll learn what types of content your readers appreciate or don’t appreciate in that you will have little response. Sometimes creating a niche that very few people write about or understand is a great way to get your blog going and you will know exactly who your audience is.

8. Check for Dead Links – There is nothing more annoying than clicking on a dead link. If you’re like most bloggers you probably include a lot of links in your posts, both inbound and outbound. Those links may have worked at the time the post was published, but do you know if they still work? Dead links are especially common with outbound links. The blogs and websites you link to may shut down, changes their link structure, or remove a page, all of which will result in dead links. So make a date on a regular basis to check all outbound links on your blog.

Follow these eight simple rules and your blog’s maintenance will continue to grow successful.

Original Author: Pamela Ravenwood Full Bio
Pamela Ravenwood is a copywriter for ArteWorks SEO. She is an award winning writer, journalist, SEO specialist and strategic planning consultant. To learn more about this search engine optimization company, visit http://www.arteworks.biz

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