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Blog Designers Need to Look Professional. Wear a Watch.

Posted on April 04, 2012 by Blog Design Journal

Wearing a watch seems like such a corporate thing to do. Nowadays younger people tend to rely on their phones for the time instead of wearing a watch.

But blog designers, even those of us who freelance, deal with corporate clients, and most of them do wear watches. To corporate types not wearing a watch looks unprofessional, even if they do not put that thought into words. And that worries them.

You see, when you are the client, you worry that artsy people like blog designers will let you down, make you look foolish to your corporate superiors. That is why you should always dress somewhat conservatively for client meetings. It take very little to look creative, and just a tiny bit more to look flaky in their eyes.

So dress nicely, and wear a watch. A side benefit of that is that the better you dress, the more you can probably get by with charging. And if you look professional, delays or changes that cause a slipped deadline are less likely to be blamed on you.

And just because you are wearing a watch, that does not have to mean you look unfashionable. Watches can be trendy, chic, expensive and memorable. And a quality watch is not only a technical marvel but also a work of art. In fact, a cool watch can make you look sophisticated and knowledgeable in a subtle, yet impressive way that impresses clients who are in the know.

So here is where to buy a prestigious watch at a rock bottom price and get free two-day shipping. Take a look at Invicta watches.

Oh, and here’s a hint: Fine watches make incredibly impressive gifts for parental units—or spouses. Want someone to love you, get them a really fine watch.

And, oh look, there is just enough time to get one before Easter, and plenty of time before Mother’s Day and graduation season.

So you and/or a loved one could look corporate cool or cosmopolitan elegant by Monday morning. If you hurry.

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