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Micro Niche Blogs-Why Targeting One Keyword Will Lead To Disappointment

Posted on April 14, 2010 by GuestBlogger

So you have set up your micro niche blog with an exact match domain for maximum Google love and have been lucky enough to get onto the first page of Google..or have worked really hard to get it onto the first two pages.

But there is a problem.

That keyword that you targetted is simply not delivering the traffic you expected and your site is not generating the visitors or income you expected.This happens a lot and is one of the drawbacks of micro niche blogs..sometimes the keyword numbers that you have based your site around simply don’t deliver the traffic that you expected from the numbers in the Google keyword tool.

This is why putting all your eggs in one basket is a problematic strategy and why you will want to transition this site to an authority site with lots of content.This type of site is not dependent on one keyword;rather it is capable of ranking for many different keywords and consequently will provide better returns in the long run.

The key to success with blogs or websites is keyword research and it is easier to rank,initially anyway,for a whole range of less competitive keywords than one hotly targetted phrase or word.

Your keyword research should target long tail keywords initially because you will gain momentum almost immediately and the way to do this is through proper keyword research. To do this you need to generate a large list of keywords and for each and every post on your site you should be targetting at least three keywords, not one.If you repeat this process stringently for every piece of content you have tripled the chances of ranking and winning traffic for each piece of content on your site.

And you will exponentially increase the potential traffic numbers rather than the disappointing situation of ranking really well for one keyword and then discovering that it really was not worth it.

Your keyword research needs to involve more than a cursory glance at the Google keyword tool and a check that the exact match domain is available. A product like Wordtracker will do the trick because it will generate huge lists of keywords and not just exact keywords but related keywords too.

This is vital to the proper setting up of your site with a widely spread range of long tailed keywords which will see you increasing your traffic exponentially.Related keywords are critical to your keyword research and any piece of content about, for example, education should also include keywords like “schooling”, “college”,”education grants” etc.

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