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I’m a professional writer, editor and publication designer. Though relatively new to blogging (since mid 2007), I now have dozens of WordPress sites, plus blogs on several other platforms, and plans for more. For a list with links to most of my sites, see Houston BlogWeb.com/our-sites.

I’m definitely not new to writing, editing, and publication design. I started out many years ago as an editor in a book publishing house. I had a brand new BA in journalism with a minor in graphic design, and I was suddenly responsible for turning manuscripts of technical and general interest books into profitable products (books).

The publishing company trained me as an editor and a book designer. Then I was responsible for training  and supervising book designers and editors.

So I started studying intensively on my own, buying reference books, reading design magazines, sitting in on vendor meetings, doing small freelance projects—everything I could to learn to be a better publication designer. For example, I read every single book in our huge public library system on typography—and I had already had two college courses on the subject.

I’ve been designing books, newsletters, web sites, and other publications for clients ever since. Along the way, I’ve trained others, too.

Some of the things I say in this blog may sound snarky. (I considered calling it “Design Snark” instead of the more pretentious “Blog Design Journal.”) And some may contradict current fads and common practices in the web design business.

But they really can help you get more people to actually read your blog.

I hope you find this blog helpful, and I hope you enjoy it.

Kathleen Gresham

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