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Blog Widgets Way Out of Control?

Posted on October 09, 2007 by Kathleen

Is it just me, or has this blog widget thing just gotten completely out of control?

It seems like every site that offers any kind of service these days requires that you put their particular giant, gaudy widget on your site.

I don’t mind inserting snippets of javascript or PHP code. I don’t even mind having to paste code in specific spots in the theme pages.

I can live with small, discrete badges and other backlinks on my pages. But I’m sick and tired of being required to install big, ugly widgets that clash with my site.

Now, because everybody and his dog is creating and mandating their own widgets, a lot of them don’t even work properly. They seem to be just dashing them off and making me beta test them. That is really annoying!

If anyone from any of those sites ever reads this, here’s some advice. If you’re going to require that people put your widgets on their sites in order to do business with you, make sure they work properly and make sure they are resizable or very small—or at least can be customized to blend into the site.

While you’re at it, make sure your online widget-generation application works well with all major browsers on all three major operating systems (and not just the latest version, please?). And make the customization easy!

BlogRush may have a big widget, but at least you can change the colors in a couple of seconds at their site. You don’t have to cut and paste the code into your blog every time. Now if only they were not trying to dictate where you can put it, their widget would be almost perfect. (A resizable widget with completely customizable colors and typefaces would be perfect.)

How do you feel about the new Technorati widget? I cannot get it to work properly. (You can just deselect options all you want to on their site, but when you paste it into your site, it still displays as the full, giant, ugly monster that clashes with everything.

What do you think about the whole widget proliferation thing? Good? Bad? Ugly? Feel free to vent by leaving a comment.

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