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Posted on February 17, 2014 by Blog Design Journal

Many people are happy to use the default WordPress templates and there is nothing wrong with that. If you want to have a blog that sticks out from the rest, you should think about giving your WordPress site a new look and feel by choosing a new template or theme. Many times you can find a theme that has the right colors and even images to make your site look more professional or fun, depending on the topic of your blog.

Now that WordPress 3.0 is out, many of the new themes are taking advantage of the new “menus” feature and adding in some of their own tricks like twitter plugins and much more. You can go search for specific plugins you like and add them to pretty much any existing WordPress theme, but so many new free WordPress themes are coming standard with their own plugins and features that many times you can get everything you need by adding one new theme. The best thing about these WordPress templates is that there are so many that you can find for free you never have to worry about spending money to find one that will fit the main theme of your website.

There are plenty of websites which have some really beautiful collection of templates using which you can add a touch of art to your blogs. These templates are really eye-catching and are superb in graphic quality. Some of the most popular downloaded templates of WordPress are royal blue and wedding rose templates. These templates have sidebars as well which make the looks more articulate.

Before choosing any template make sure that it suits the nature and purpose of your website; so select wisely as the wrong template will create an erroneous impression of your organization. Templates are available in different categories which include for personal usage and business purpose. Under business templates, there are further subdivisions like if you own a flower shop, then templates of flower shop is available and also if you have a corporate business like an architecture firm then you will find required templates for your business.

For more info about template click here: http://www.nulledshare.com/templates/#.UXo7SEqQvrQ

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For more info about template click here: http://www.nulledshare.com/templates/#.UXo7SEqQvrQ

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