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WordPress 3.2 Problems Continuing

Posted on July 05, 2011 by Blog Design Journal

WordPress 3.2 continues to be a problem. I did find a way to edit previous posts, however.

In the Dashboard there is a listing of how many posts you have, how many pages, etc. If you click on the word Posts, it takes you to the regular Posts listing, and you can select a post to edit.

Unfortunately there is no such listing for Plugins, so I still cannot change or update settings on plugins. And I desperately need to do so.

Also, some plugins have their own dashboard and are operated manually from within WordPress. Too bad. No access.

There is a set of pulldown menus that appears across the top of the page when viewing the blog once you are logged in (not the dashboard, the blog itself), but it is very limited.

It has occurred to me that it the WP 3.2 might be incompatible with that particular theme, but if I change themes I will need to edit code, rearrange widgets, etc.—and I will not be able to in this WP version. Grrrrrr!

Plus, that has been one of my most stable themes, I have customized it, and I do not want to change it.

Please leave a comment if you have found a way around the plugin problem or if you have specific info about an remedial update on the horizon.

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